Kingdom Coops' Story

Part 1: 

Every story, every journey, every adventure; they all have a beginning. A place in time when an idea becomes more than an idea. A defining moment when passion and purpose combine to create the fuel that launches our impossible dream into the reality, that with God, all things are possible. 

Hi!  My name is Shaun Herring and my family and I operate the coop and chicken accessory business, Kingdom Coops.  Its beginning can be traced to a conversation between my wife and I while driving back from a family vacation in the summer of 2015.   It was one of those rare moments, that although our Mountaineer was full of kids and luggage, we had a few minutes of peace and quite where Leslie, my wife asked, "If money was not a concern and you could do anything you wanted, what would you do?"

My answer was quick and simple, "Teach other men how to live in freedom just as I have learned myself." 

No additional explanation was needed, she knew what I meant.  She knew where I had been and the journey that had lead me to that day.  She know the passion that God had been stirring inside of me and that He wasn't finished yet.  She knew the story that I am about to tell you now....

My wife and I met in 1993, August 26, 1993, to be exact. I remember the date and time as if it were yesterday.  It is truly a moment that will be forever frozen in my memory.  I knew the moment we met that she would be my wife.  It took several years for her to see that, but I knew it that very moment.  Several years of chasing, I mean dating, and finally in May 1997 she said "I do, for better or worse..."

It was that last part that she has never wavered on.

Part 2:  To be continued....check back next week as I update more of...Our Story....