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Texas Country Coop

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The Vintage Chicken Tractor

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From Poultry Mansions to Prison Ministry, our Story is told in Freedom, Faith and Family!

Kingdom Coops is a small family owned and operated construction company that is building for a Kingdom Purpose. Our desire is to build the very best chicken coops possible, sell the best quality chicken care products available and share God's love and message of redemption to inmates behind the walls of state and federal prisons. By God's grace we share our own life's journey from being incarcerated to being set free. And how true freedom is lived out whether you are on either side of the prison bars. What started out as a simple conversation between a husband and a wife on a drive from Colorado to Texas in July 2015, has turned into a calling and mission greater than anything we could have ever imagined. Our mission is simple. Whether working on our latest custom coop or selling our newest must have chicken t-shirt, we are to share the message of freedom in all we do.

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